Supporting healthier lifestyles


The Growth Boroughs reflect some of the best and worst of health services and health outcomes in London. Underlying the poor health outcomes are low incomes, low skills, and widespread physical inactivity.

This theme targets actions to address health inequalities and the major causes of premature deaths.

The NHS commissioning organisations based within the six boroughs, in line with the findings of the Marmot Review of Health Inequalities (PDF), published in 2010, propose to focus on; children and young people, preventing premature death, improving health through employment and healthy urban planning. The focus on children and young people is crucial in ensuring that the young adults of the 2030s have very different outcomes in terms of health, education and skills, income and employment, and overall quality of life, than their parents.  Child's Play, (PDF)  published by the London Health Observatory just before the Games, describes the challenges facing our young people. Celebrate and Protect is a child immunisation promotion campaign developed in the Growth Boroughs, now rolling out across London.

Despite the upheaval and uncertainty caused by changes to the NHS, local NHS organisations in the six boroughs are more committed than ever to working together, and working with others, to improve health outcomes and realise a longer term health legacy from the Games.

In addition, partners working together to deliver this action plan are influencing the Growth Boroughs employment focus to tackle health barriers to work. In short, employment is good for health and poor health is a barrier to employment. Income is also a factor and we wish to encourage partners and businesses to sign up to the London Living Wage.

Whether people feel safe on the streets and safe letting their children play outside or can find attractive spaces to walk and cycle in, will impact on how active people are. The Games delivered new world class facilities, but we need to ensure that local people feel motivated and confident to take up sport and physical activity, so that the new facilities benefit our communities as a whole. Active People, Active Park is a new programme to support inactive residents into activity in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and surrounds. Partners including the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) and the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority (LVRPA) are working to progress legacy planning for the venues they will be operating, within the framework of the LLDC's Sport and Healthy Living Policy (PDF).

To contribute to improving the built environment for physical activity, the Growth Boroughs and NHS have identified planning good practice and developed a healthy urban planning checklist to ensure that positive health impacts are designed into new buildings/housing projects. More information about Promoting Healthy Urban Planning and the Urban Planning Checklist can be found here

Alongside sports and other partners we want to grasp the opportunity of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to motivate and engage local people. 

The key measure for this theme is Life Expectancy.