Creating wealth and reducing poverty 


East London's Growth Boroughs have some of the highest levels of deprivation with over 30% of children living in families receiving key benefits. From the time Charles Booth produced his Poverty map in 1898-99 it is startling how these pockets of deprivation in East London have persisted for over a century.

The poverty in the Growth Boroughs is juxtaposed by the wealth drawn in by the Canary Wharf complex and the upcoming developments in East London including Stratford City, Wood Wharf, Royal Docks, iCity and Greenwich Peninsula which presents opportunities for East Londoners in terms of jobs and training to find a route out of poverty.  

he aim of this theme is to increase employment levels and reduce child poverty across the Growth Boroughs. Work by Shared Intelligence provides the backdrop and evidence base for much of our new Convergence Strategy.   

Short and medium term actions will ensure that local people are better skilled to benefit from the jobs created in the wider economic development of the growth boroughs region. 

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We will also start to focus on longer term prosperity agendas by equipping the current and future workforce to take up emerging higher level employment opportunities in the area. Examples include those generated by the expansion of Canary Wharf, and the Royal Docks Enterprise Zone. We will work to translate partner economic intelligence and employer links (at London and local level) into guidance for learners of all ages, to support appropriate subject choices and investment in training. 

The key measure for this theme is the unemployment rate.